How to use Uber, Lyft and Minnie Van in Orlando/Disney World (plus get discounts for new riders)


Added info for Minnie Van service


I used Uber and Lyft extensively for a trip in February (a friend had points for a hotel, so we stayed offsite). I think Lyft from the airport to the Embassy Suites near WDW was around $35.

Other than that, my biggest tip is to verify with the driver if going to parks (especially MK) that they know where to drop off. They need to drop off at the taxi station at the TTC. If the driver is inexperienced and just uses google maps, it can direct the car to employee parking or other weird places.


This is a good tip. Thanks!


Updated to have current pricing info and details about Minnie Vans.


The Disney website says 2 car seats. Which is correct?!?! A 3rd car seat would be a game changer for us.


Yeah, what is interesting about that, the official site says both, actually! (2 and 3). Assuming the information on their site is accurate if you’re using it In-World, it “is equipped with 2 versatile car seats.” Yet, if you are using it for Airport Transport it “can be equipped with up to 3 complimentary car seats”

I just updated the top of the thread to be a little more clear, based on the info on the Disney site.



Yeah, I missed that since we’re using DME. Would be very interested to know if the 3 seats are available in park.


Well, unless you really want a private vehicle and have $300 (round-trip) to burn on Minnie Van airport transport, DME is the better value any way (since it’s free!).