How to use TP in parks

So I love my TP for MK through my 3 FPP and lunch at BOG. The afternoon starts to have longer waits of 30 minutes or so. Is there a way to know how to order them for shorter waits?
Or after hitting done as we go on each one in the park should I hit Optimize then so TP re-orders the rest of the day. I am hoping for a 4 or even 5th FPP to help with some of this.

I found it worked well to put slow, restful things in the afternoon. We did all the high-energy things with long waits in the morning and then took it easy in the afternoon. Suggestions: shopping and watching live entertainers, Carousel of Progress and TTA PeopleMover (Tomorrowland), Mickey’s Philharmagic (Fantasyland), Country Bears, Hall of Presidents and Liberty Belle Riverboat (Liberty Square), Enchanted Tiki Room (Adventureland).

As a rule I would only re-optimize in the parks if I have started to go significantly off-schedule. You are really not going to gain much by re-optimizing after each step, and you have to stand around and wait for the results before heading off to the next attraction.

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Do you have to use your FPP before lunch? Do you have FPPs that you cannot move to later when the waits would be longer?

I typically won’t re optimize more often than every 4 rides or so. Like brk said, you don’t want to be constantly waiting after each ride to know where to go next. But absolutely mark things completed as you do them.

8am Rd will get 11 items done before first FPP for 7d then doing BoG lunch. Then taking train around to splash and BTMRR. Using toward end of one and beginning of the other. Then it is about 1:00. The lines are at POC, JC, ETWB, maybe even barnstormer and dumbo which I know we can hold out to later at night and will become walk ons. I am hoping we can get 4th FPP over in frontier land for adventure land. Only have one MK day since it is only a 4 day trip and we want to FOF parade so we have to work around that since no one has seen it.

I would only optimize the one time after 1:00. Just wonders if that was what that was for and how it should be used.