How to use Room Finder for AKL

I read here on Touring Plans in the overview of Animal Kingdom Lodge that there are some “hidden gem” rooms in the Standard View category on AKL and to use the room finder to find them.

So I went to the Room Finder and picked AKL, Standard Room with Queen Beds (all the other Standard options seemed to be Suites) and then checked “Touring Plans picks” but I got zero results.

Am I doing this wrong? How do I find the Standard View Rooms with the good views?


I think the only way to find the rooms you are referring to - Standard but with animal views? - is by word of mouth. The other way to do it is to look at the room views. Put in only “Standard Queen” to get all the standard rooms. Then, select the ones that on the map would appear to perhaps abut the savanna. Click on one to see the view the room affords. Scroll down a little bit and you will see, in the lower right corner, a box that says “Navigate to a different room”. Click right left up or down and you will see views from those rooms, one by one. Tedious, but might get the job done.

I did this quickly in mapping out this “how to” and I found 3211 seems to be one such room. I also found 2393 and 2391 the same way. Floors above may have an even better view.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much @OBNurseNH !! Yes that’s what I was looking for, how to find standard rooms with an animal view. I’m on the fence about whether or not to try that though, because if I request certain rooms for the view but those are already taken by someone else, then we’ll end up with no animal view. But I’ll go through the room map like you said and see how many standard w/view rooms there are, maybe that will put my mind at ease!

Definite gamble. I personally never book lower category than what I will be happy with.

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You should set the filter to standard view, queen bed: do not click TP picks!

Look at rooms 4216-4238 and room 3216-3238

This is from room 4218


We were just there with a standard reservation last week. I did the room finder fax and requested about 10 room numbers, most on the 3rd floor. They gave us 4322, which was an awesome bunk bed room. Saw so many animals. Attached are photos from our room.


WOW! I guess I should look into the standard views then, it’s a good cost savings if we can still see the animals!

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@cmcgowan001 The AKL overview page here on TP says that 4th floor rooms are mostly reserved for Concierge Level. Was that not true in your case? Or did you get upgraded to concierge level?


It could have been an upgrade, but room 4322 is listed as standard on the touring plans room finder, and I only requested rooms marked as standard on room finder. I can’t seem to access my fax now. The main room I requested in the fax header was 3322, but I did also listed 4322 and some other NW facing rooms. I also did online checkin and requested Kudu Trail.

I’m just so nervous about risking it and then none of the good Standard rooms being available and ending up with a crappy view! Everyone would be so disappointed if that happened and I’d feel terrible.

4th floor is not concierge . The 3rd floor is the lobby floor. The 4th floor at least on the side we have posted about has great standard rooms.

At least some of 4th floor is. Elevator won’t stop there without magic band.

When are you going? If not busy season, gamble is less.

Jambo? This says 5th and 6th floor

It gets all confusing because you have DVC and club on those floors and the lobby on the 3rd.

We are going March 4-12, 2017. Booking the package tomorrow!!!

Ah yes. You are correct.

I’m going to sit corrected if that’s okay. I just got up and standing is too much to ask right now.

Well, the crowd calendar shows that those are consistently 7/10 for overall resort level. Pretty busy.

I don’t have exact numbers but it looks like difference in overall cost for our dates with the dining plan & park tickets will be about $1500 more for the Savannah View vs the Standard View. So that’s a lot, considering the amount of time we are actually in the room and using the view.

I think this last point you made is a very good one. It’s always hard when I see people asking questions that deal with “worth” since that’s such a subjective thing. Only you know your family, but do you see your or your family taking the time to sit and enjoy the view? As you said $1,500 is a lot but if you get a trips worth of enjoyment out of it then it absolutely could be “worth” it

Look at the room finder and see how many standard view rooms do not have at least a partial view . I love AKL it is my favorite resort. Either way, I hope you love it too!