How to use rider swap w/a Pregnant wife and 2 DD's?

I have some questions about rider swap and how to use it to my benefit. Are there any ways to use it to my advantage with a pregnant wife who cant ride any rides that we have FPP for? We are a party of 4 with two DDs 3 and 5. My 3 year old is 41 inches without shoes on so she can ride a really good amount of stuff. She can ride everything I have FPP for expect FOP. We have never really used rider swap in the past as it never seemed like something that really worked for our party. If little sister can’t ride a ride, I don’t typically want to double her wait time while big sister rides it twice. In this case my pregnant DW doesn’t mind waiting while we ride twice, if there is a way to achieve this through the use of Rider Swap. We have fast passes booked for 4 guests for 6 days but only 3 eligible riders, how to I take advantage of this situation? Thanks

I don’t think that if DD3 is too short to ride and DW can’t/won’t ride because she’s pregnant that you can use RS at all. However, on the rides where both DDs are tall enough to ride and want to ride and the seating only allows for 2 people, maybe they would let you use it so you would ride twice (once with each DD) but each DD would only ride once? That seems to me to be the spirit of RS. In reality I’m not sure what they would allow.

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I agree. RS is intended so the adult who was waiting with the too little littles can ride. If your wife is a nonrider than the the shortie waits with her. I

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I agree and assumed that was the case. All the pro liners here seem to always know a tip or trick so I was just checking to see if there was anything about the policy that we could use to our advantage in this situation. Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

It depends on how visible the pregnancy is. If the wife can pretend she wants to swap and get the RS pass (and two other people - presumably you and one of your DD’s even though you’re already riding), then pass her MB to the other DD, you’ll be able to ride twice. It is definitely an unintended abuse of the system, but you could do it.


Instead of using rider swap, I believe you could use your wife and 3yo’s FP for you and your older DD. So if you have reserved 4FP+ for the ride that your younger and wife aren’t riding, you and your older ride once. Then transfer the FP+ from your wife and younger to you and your older, and ride again. Your wife and younger can take advantage of a low-line attraction nearby, like walking a zoo trail or a Bug’s Life.

I like where @ApolloAndy is going with this, I am just not sure they will give you the RS too, since that wouldn’t leave anyone with your littlest. (In this case they are riding with you, but Disney doesn’t know that)
This method would however, at the least get you and 1 DD 2 rides and the other DD 1 ride.

We ran into this snag once. It was 2 adults and 3 kids and we tried to get RS for both adults, one who was riding and one who was waiting. They asked, “Well who’s going to stay with the kids the second time then?” We quickly muttered something about grandma and grandpa (who admittedly were coming, just not for another hr or two) and they gave us the full complement of RS passes. We swapped magic bands a few times to use them all.

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I am really surprised how easily you can get the RS. I think I could rent out my kid. LOL

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Yes, FBI, she’s the one.

Well a few years ago people were basically renting someone in a scooter to skip lines…
Unfortunately rider switch doesn’t give people an advantage.

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RS doesn’t give you an advantage, there were lots of times when the person staying with DS2 didn’t even ride, because RS takes so long. It is a nice service, that makes things at least a little more doable, but I will be glad for the day we can be stroller free and everyone can ride whatever they want.

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