How to Track Animal Kingdom Hours Changes

Any tips on keeping track of changes to actual hours for Animal Kingdom?

Planning a trip for June '17 and park hours currently show closing at 7 pm. TP’s crowd calendar last year showed that the park was open until 11pm in June '16, which makes sense considering how long it stays light that time of the year. I’m asking now because ADRs 180 days out show the latest one can make reservations is like 4:45 pm … a little early to eat dinner for us.

You could set up an alert for park hour changes at Worked fine for me so far.

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Hey, thank you! Done … and saved in my favorites too.

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Thanks for sharing the link. I didn’t know that type of feature existed. I have bookmarked it for our next trip.

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You can get that same kind of alert through TouringPlans. Go to the Crowd Calendar, select the date in question, and click on “Track this day” and you’ll get email alerts of changes in hours and crowd level predictions

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