How to tour around Epcot construction mess?

We’re visiting WDW the end of this month (!) and we’ll be hitting Epcot for one full day (with a multi-hour break in the mid-afternoon) and one half-day with Extended Evening. In that order.

I’m working on three touring plans for those days (morning before the break, evening after the break, and Extended Evening). And I’m trying to be somewhat mindful of grouping activities by location so we’re not exhausting ourselves running from one end of the park to another.

I figure we can do most of the headliners without long waits during our Extended Evening, so I’m not too worried about getting those in on our earlier Epcot day. (Plus, we have a wild-card park admission on our departure day, in case we miss something critical.)

Then we need to consider how the construction walls are making Epcot navigation even more difficult. I don’t really know how or where the construction interrupts the traffic flow.

Any suggestions for how to divide and conquer Epcot over our three hits? East side vs. West side? Future vs. Showcase? This is where it’d be helpful to know where the construction roadblocks are.

Definitely do east v west if the construction is a concern for you. Getting from one side to the other requires loads of excess steps – and time.

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Thanks! Is it mostly Future World that’s affected by the construction?

Yes, it’s entirely FW but it’s the whole of it from Spaceship Earth to the junction with WS. Pick your side and then you’re sticking with it, like it or not, until you get to one of those ends.

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Very helpful to know, thanks!!

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Hmmm, I wonder if the Touring Plans software is currently factoring in the construction roadblocks when it optimizes…

For us, we found we typically did Future World kind of one side or the other even before the construction was going on, so in some ways, the construction hasn’t been that disruptive to our normal touring.

Thing to note, technically, there is no longer a “Future World” (although, admittedly, I think it will be years before we are all retrained on that one!)…so, I’d say either to World Nature side or World Discovery first, then hit SE in the middle, and then swap sides.

ETA: Actually, that advice assumes entering from the IG.

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We are! Staying at the Dolphin.

Okay. In that case, I’d suggest going to Soarin’ at RD, then The Seas, SE, Mission Space, and TT. (I typically skip Figment because it is ALWAYS a short wait and can be done anytime, if you feel the need.)

We tend to do WS on a separate day, since EP is (at least) a two-day park!

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Looking at a day where we do the West side of EPCOT and then I hop after supper, I was thinking to RD Soarin’ but TP keeps on saying RD SE and then hit Soarin’ around 4:30.

Is Rope Dropping SE, really the Big Brain Move here?

ETA: In this scenario, The Rat Ride is a wildcard ILL that I’d like to have around 12-1 before I head over to my Teppan Edo lunch ADR.

Honestly, hard to say now. But we aren’t necessarily afraid of standing in lines…I am willing to wait a little longer to avoid walking extra.

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I don’t even know if the TP was trying to minimize walking with RD SE.
It has me doing most of FW before heading into WS but still heading back to The Land in the late afternoon.