How to time FPP

We have a 9:30A breakfast ADR at Boma and then we're heading over to Animal Kingdom. What time should I set my first FPP of the day for??

I would say the 11-12 slot.

Yeah, 11 to 12 sounds reasonable. You've got 15 minutes' grace time at the end of that, so it covers a lot of scenarios.

We are trying to time all of our (me and DW) FPP reservations to hit the 11-1 slot. We usually make RD so we can do the first round of rides in the standby lines, then use our FPP and hopefully get 4-5-6 out of the kiosks for the remainder of the day. We get to the World tomorrow to try it all out.

So do you start 10, 11 and 12? Or 10:30....