How to text hotel room request

I am interested in requesting a room for our trip but have already made reservations. How do I text Disney a room request as suggested?

Look up “It’s live. Faxing room requests from touring plans”. Set it up and they will automatically fax your request for you.

ThAnk you for taking the time to reply
I did read the “it’s alive” thread and I managed to request a room and it is now listed in my dashboard but I don’t feel like I have filled out a reservation request form–can someone let me know where that is located?

Hi! On your dashboard, click the edit button next to the room that you have chosen. It will open the form you need to fill out. Hope that helps!


Thank you for your time in responding. I try to do a search and read before I ask :confused:
I think the main problem was that I was using my iPad, I came in to my desktop and the form was visible when I clicked on the edit button. Thanks again for your time and response :smile:

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