How to split up Magic Kingdom

Hi - I’m starting to play around with my touring plans for my trip in Nov. We will be going to MK two days, both days park hours are 9:00 - 9:00 as of now. We are also going to EMM and breakfast at BOG and have a dessert party. We would like a nice afternoon break.

I’m thinking of splitting up the park doing two lands each day. One of those day, I’ll squeeze in Liberty Square. Since we are doing EMM, we won’t have to FP 7DMT or PP. I know we’ll want to start off with Fantasyland since we are starting everything off with EMM. Which other land should we do that day? We are gong to the dessert party that night. No ADR’s that day since we have EMM and the dessert party so lunch and dinner will be QS. Day 2 we have ADR at BOG for breakfast and dinner is at CP.

Lastly the kids are tweens, 12DS and 9DD. We won’t be doing character meet ups for MK except for Ariel.

How would you split up the park? Tell me Disney experts what to try to do! TIA!!!

I would do Fantasyland and Tomorrowland one day, and then Adventureland and Frontierland the next.

I would maybe go straight to HM on the first day after EMM, because the queue is good fun and worth seeing. You may actually want to actually do PP right when the rope drops because again the queue is fun but during EMM I think you just use the FP line. Then go to HM and work back, getting breakfast at 9:45 or thereabouts. Perhaps save Philarmagic either for day 2 or double back later to see it when it starts getting hotter and you need a break.

Get FPs for TL - Space and Buzz, plus the Speedway if you plan to do it. The line can get long and it’s hot and fume-filled. And again, use CoP and People Mover for down time.

Then for day 2, FPs for Splash and BTRR and possibly JC. Jungle Cruise can be very slow to load, and although it’s under cover it gets hot. POTC is easy to pick up as a 4th, and the line moves fairly fast anyway. What you could do is head straight for the mountains, ride them, do HM again f you want to. Then use FPs to ride the mountains again and then JC. Pirates is indoors and coolish (relatively).

Take some time over at Tom Sawyer Island to chill out. And I love the treehouse. Tiki room is good to cool off and sit down.

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Thanks. Very good tips! I’m adding all the fun tidbits to a spreadsheet and making TP’s off the spreadsheet. I was thinking we may want to RD the mountains and FP them so we could ride them twice. Thanks for pointing out that it’s a good idea to do. :slight_smile:

This is how we tend to break it up as well.

Yes so I would go when you will go through the whole queue, but before the line really builds. It’s worth it!

God yes. I HATE the Speedway line. Boring, hot, and stinky.

All of this.

Thanks @OBNurseNH for chiming in and echoing @Nicky_S’s advice. It’s good to have some seasoned Disney goers’ input to help put together our plan. With your tips, I was able to do some phantom TPs which get everything in that I want to do from RD to 2:00, I have no TP for the night due to the dessert party. I’ll see what the FP gods have in store for us in the afternoon for the last hoorah on Day 2…either that or see what the kids want to do standby before we leave. Fingers crossed they can agree on the same last ride, we can always split up. Love this board!

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If you find you have some time, maybe plan an hour or two for playing either Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or the Pirates game (forget the actual name). SOTMK may appeal more to your kids at that age. You play in one land, and you can ask for a particular one (Main St, Adventure, Frontier, ?FL ).

Also don’t forget to do some of the small stuff. The sword in the stone by the carousel, the wishing well and Cinderella’s fountain. Tangled bathrooms! Meeting Gaston as well, I think your kids will love it, I know we enjoyed watching the interactions.

Awesome! I’ll look into these. I’ve been so focused on rides. Will definitely have to look into meeting Gaston since dd is in a Beauty and the Beast production this fall. We plan to meet Belle at Epcot. SO much fun to be planned!!!