How to split two Magic Kingdom Days

I am planning on two days at Magic Kingdom with two kids ages 6 and 10. One will be a full day where we stay and view fireworks (we may take a break mid day depending on our kids). One day where we will be leaving early due to MNSSHP. I am thinking of splitting the days to do 2-3 lands each day. How does everyone split their days for example: Tomorrowland and Fantasy land on one day other side of the park on the second day. Would it be better to split the land’s another way. We will also be back on a 3rd day to do MNSSHP and I figure we can reride any favorite rides during that time.
Thanks for any input, this is our first trip.

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Will you try to do " everything" including attractions that some people may think of as " minor attractions"? Also, did you try creating a two- day MK plan?

The park is small enough that it’s okay to do a little zigging and zagging to serve your TP.
For 2-day plans, we usually (with kids 4/6, so younger than yours) do Tomorrowland then Fantasyland the first day, then re-run favourites in Fantasyland at RD and continue Frontierland/Adventureland the second day.
But with older kids I might do Tomorrowland/Fantasyland day one, start Frontierland day 2 with BTMRR, SM, HM, hit FPP in Fantasyland (e.g. 7DMT), then cut down to Adventureland. Probably need to fiddle with a couple of custom TPs to figure out the specifics.

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I’ve been wondering this exact thing and my kids are exactly the same ages @Suzukistacy!

Yes we will be trying to do almost everything. We live across the country and due to cost of flights, this is a once in a lifetime for us. I have created a two day plan with the thought of Tommorowland and Fantasy on one day and the other half of the park the second day but was wondering if this is the best way to do it.

Honestly if your plan covers everything I don’t think it matters what order you do things in.

Where are your FPPs for the Tomorrowland/Fantasyland day? Fantasyland is great at night for the ambiance and fantastic after Wishes for the shorter lines; this combo would be my pick for the full day. Thinking Peter Pan, 7D, and Space are solid FPPs. With rope dropping, FPP, and late touring, you might run out of things to do in just those two lands. Your TP can give you a sense of any extra time you might have…fill the time accordingly with repeats from these two lands or even ‘preview’ a couple in the other lands. (I’d want to do Mansion, Pirates, 7D, etc all 3 days)

Also, Frontierland/Adventureland can be tackled in a similar way: well placed FPPs, rope dropping, late touring (skipped in your case b/c of the party), etc. Bet you’ll run out of things here too. You can revisit this TP after your first day (and before this second day) and add anything you missed or want to repeat. A break may not be necessary since you’ll leave by 7? I don’t know w kids.

Your party day is for your fav attractions plus all the party specific stuff.

PS If my plan had me waiting in line for say 20 min or longer (even on a crowded day), I can usually find a better way. So, I’d guess that if there are no long waits in your MK plans and you’ve covered all of what you want to do, then we’ll done!!!

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