How to split MK

We will have 2.5 days in MK in Nov/Dec. Any suggestions on how to divide the lands between our days? We plan to hit the parade on arrival day since it’s likely the only day we will be in the park in the afternoon. Otherwise we plan to RD and leave after lunch. I have two kids, DD3 and DD1. We hope to rider swap the bigger stuff. I can create a custom plan, just trying to decide what makes logical sense to put in each day. Thanks!

I like to split by lands. Fantasyland and liberty Square one day. Then frontierland, adventureland and tomorrowland another day. On the 1/2 day revisit any favorites or items you missed.


Here is an example of 2 day (short days) plan for MK coming up (ages 4 and 1.5)

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This is perfect. Thank you so much!

These are kid focused plans so I did not put any attractions in that they were not able to ride. If you are adding big kid attractions with rider swap, your plans are likely to be a bit different.

We split it the other way. Tomorrowland and fantasy land on day one, then the other half of the park on day 2. Worked out very well!

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I typically don’t split by land. If I have 2 days at MK, I look at it as having 6 FPPs and determine which “must do” rides I want to use them for (typically the 3 mountains, POC, HM, and Buzz).


We just took our DD1 and DD3 last month. DD3 loves princesses. We spent an entire day in Fantasyland and only left to watch the FOF parade. Depending on your DD’s interests, you may want to spend a lot of time there. We spent our second day in MK splitting our time between Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Adventureland.

The only big rides we did were Splash and 7DMT both with rider swap. Just be forewarned that rider swap does take some time, especially Splash. Give yourself a cushion because TP seems to underestimate how much time it takes.

I agree with @bswan26. We took a look at our must dos and built TPs around that. :slight_smile:

AuntB_loves Disney-
I noticed you aren’t doing Under The Sea until later in the day instead of when you meet Ariel. .there a reason? Working on my plan now!

The TP software told me to! Lol. I am sure it’s that way in order to keep shorter lines for other attractions that build faster than under the sea.

Okay thanks! So did you use the Optimize button then? When I do that it does some crazy things for me so I don’t use it anymore because I’m scared to and I just move things around and evaluate until I think it looks okay.

You can make a copy to play around so you don’t lose what you have. I set my plan to minimize walking and very relaxed pace. Then yes I used optimize. I do move a few things around if needed and then do evaluate. This is where copies come in handy. I can compare the optimize to my adjusted evaluate and delete the less desirable.