How to spend a little solo waiting time in HS?

DD and DH have a reservation for Savi’s at lunchtime on our HS day, which means I will have approximately 45 to 60 minutes to wait for them. I’m leaning toward getting a beverage (maybe something alcoholic and fruity) and/or snack and if I can find somewhere not too hectic just taking a break to wait for them. But HS is the one park that I don’t have a great prior food/drink experience I want to repeat or something on my bucket list I want to try. I haven’t been to HS since SWGE opened, and I haven’t been in any lounges on previous trips. Any suggestions on where I should go and what I should try?

Oga’s Cantina is really cool! It has great atmosphere and you would be fine just hanging out at the bar on your own. It is a bit hectic/energetic inside, but that’s part of the experience.

BaseLine Tap House also looked really cool, but I haven’t been inside yet. I’d check out their menus and see what food and drink appeals to you!


What about Ogas?

I think HBD has a lounge.

Personally though I would spend it either in Galaxy’s Edge with the Play Disney app on, or go into One Man’s Dream. With a drink in a refillable cup. :grin:

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This is my recommendation too - nice and relaxed, indoor or outdoor seating. Excellent people watching opportunities.

I second reviewing menus. You don’t necessarily need to separate from them in SWGE… you could head separate ways from another location.

I like the Brown Derby Lounge, and there are excellent people watching opportunities there as well. It’s not too hectic because it seems like a lot of people don’t know about it, or are intimidated by the fact that it’s at the Brown Derby. But they’re friendly and not very fancy, IMHO.


Get a reservation at Oga’s to make sure to get in

I’d add a vote for Baseline, which is nice since you can be sure of getting to sit and no need for a reservation. I would add though that Savi’s is much closer to a 20-30 min experience. 2 people from my group went and I thought I’d run to TSMM with a FP while I waited and they were done before I was done with that ride. It went much quicker to make a lightsaber than I expected.

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Do you need an ADR for the lounge? I’m headed to DW solo and did make an ADR for BD but really think I would be more comfortable at the lounge/bar

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No, you do not. And they have a menu, so you should be fine. Brown Derby Lounge Menu I waited there for the family to do ToT and RnR, and it was great for singles.

I agree with the Brown Derby Lounge recommendation. As @Pod says there is a great opportunity for people watching and my DH got to see the Stormtroopers march by when we were there.

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No Stormtroopers anymore. :frowning:

We are all going to see Oga’s earlier that morning, guess I should have led with that!

I actually haven’t been in there, so that’s a good suggestion!

I had originally budgeted that but the topic came up a few weeks ago and it was suggested that it would be closer to 45-60 minutes. I’ll report back on how long it took them.

So I’m going to menu compare between HBD lounge and Baseline. If I want to sit I’ll go to one of those and if I want to see something new I’ll go to One Man’s Dream.

Thanks, everyone!


Brown Derby Lounge. Tune In Lounge (50s prime time)


One Man’s Dream is really good and worth seeing if you haven’t done it.


SWGE really has a lot of interesting stuff to see and places where you can just walk up and get food or drink to go. It’s a very large area so in that small amount of time it would be easy to see many interesting things as you walk around with your food.

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