How to share the excitement?

I’m looking for advice on how I might be able to get my parents more excited about our three generation trip in February. This is my parents and kids first Disney experience. My husband went to WDW as a kid and the two of us went to Disney Paris in 2007 for one day. My parents are both in their sixties and not ride people. They are basically coming so they can watch their only grandkids experience Disney for the first time. I think once my Dad sees Donald or Chip n Dale he will be sucked in. My mother is the wildcard here. I plan to fit in things like small world and other things they would have grown up seeing on TV. For context we are Canadian so we didn’t have access to as much Disney TV content :blush: Also for context I’m planning this trip and have already drank the koolaid by getting the touring plans book and membership. I also listen to several Disney podcasts each week and plan on us wearing matching shirts at least one day. :joy:


You could offer ride videos and encourage them to listen to some podcasts. But really, I think they won’t “get it” until they are there. It’s a hard thing to explain to someone - you have to show it to them and let them experience it for themselves. Does that make sense?


I agree with @OBNurseNH, Disney is the sort of place you don’t ‘get’ until you are in it. I think once they are there and see all the delights and experience it through the grandchildren’s eyes, they will have a magical time. Perhaps you could get them involved in the planning side a little? What restaurants they’d like to try, or shows they’d like to see…then their excitement might grow a little over the months.


Maybe give them a special Disney project? Like finding matching hats or t-shirts or something?

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Thanks everyone! You’ve made me feel much better about the whole situation. :heart:

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