How to ride Frozen Ever After

I can’t get FastPasses for Frozen Ever After for next week
I will be at Epcot on July 5, a night with Extra Evening Hours for resort guests

If the park closes at 9 and I will be able to stay til 11PM

Will this be open from 9PM to 11PM
and will the extra time open for resorts guests benefit me, or will there still be people in line from the regular opening and trying to get in line for this after IllumiNations just be a waste of time that could be better spent on other rides

Or there is July 7 where they have from 8AM to 9AM for resort guests
Will Frozen be open at 8AM so hopefully I could get a ride without a FastPass, or is this better spent on other rides and I should just give up on ever going on this ride

If you plan on trying to ride Frozen during morning EMH I would plan on being at EP very early (around 7:00). They have been letting people in early so you want to be in the front. The issue is that the ride has been breaking down so often! I do not know if you can count on it being open in the evening or opening on time in the morning.

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Great question, as I will be at Epcot on those very same days, and I have not been able to get a fast pass to FEA either. They were gone like 5 seconds after the ride opened up! Out of all of the people who are at Disney, I have wondered how many people are actually staying at a Disney resort and have access to the EMH, and if it would appear to be less crowded.

There was a post on chat this morning that reported a 10 minute wait at 8:00.

The ride will be open for both AM and PM EMHs. I read a post this AM that someone said they rode during Illuminations; posted time was 90 min but actual time was less than half that.

Another strategy for an am EMH ride would be to enter through the International Gateway to cut down on the travel time to Norway. If you can commit to being there early this may be a good strategy for getting a ride in.

Supposed to be open for EMH, but as noted the ride has been shut down a lot thus far, so that could cause problems, particularly for evening EMH. I’d go a rope drop. If you and whoever you are traveling with can arrive well before park opening and walk reasonably fast, then you can probably get somewhere near the front of the line when the ride first opens. Doing so would require a “brisk” walk directly to the Norway pavilion at park opening and waiting near the World Showcase entrance in another mob of people until you’re released to walk toward the ride, which will require another brisk/purposeful walk.

If you’re not comfortable with any of that, it’s ok, you’ll still get to ride, but you’ll just have to wait in a longer line behind the mass of humanity who does rush to the attraction when it first opens.

Both Kenny the Pirate & Josh from Easywdw have reviewed this, they suggest being ultra early and power walking to Mexico where you’ll be kept until just before 9am, and stay on the left hand side. As the ride has been having so many problems they regularly close it to standby to let the FP’s clear, if this has happened then hang around and wait till they open standby again. The A&E meet and greet isn’t having too long waits, and they are worst between 9-11am. I would have thought morning EMH would be the best choice, if you can’t do that then just accept you might be waiting for hours, in which case you might be better off getting everything else done first. Another naughty option is fry for a pre rope drop breakfast and pay the $10 no show fee.