How to remove party member from ADR

My Sister is canceling her trip (Nov 17-22) that was planned with my family. I have several ADR’s that include her family (free dining). MDE won’t let me remove them from my reservations. Do I have to call to do this? The ressies are for a total of 9 people (My family - 4, her family - 5). They were all made from my MDE account (her reservation linked).

Any idea’s how this will affect my ADR’s or if I have to do anything. I think as long as I show up I won’t be charged for her family (non are pre-paid), but I’d love for others to have her portion of ADR if possible. I’ve got Ohana, Tusker House, BOG dinner, Akershus, Chef Mickey, Crystal Palace, H&V.

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Typically showing up with fewer is no problem, however, if her whole family of five will not be there that’s a significant change in table size and might result in you getting a table faster since they would only need to prepare a table for 4. You would have to call to make that change though. Otherwise you should still be able to show up with just 4 and still be ok with no charges.

I would call. It’s annoying that they won’t let us make those sorts of changes online, but they can do it over the phone. It won’t be a problem for you if you show up with fewer people, but calling is a nice thing to do because it might open up a table for somebody else. No worries if you’d rather not call though.

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