How to Potentially Get More Than Half-Off at Walt Disney World Hotels

A good article form TPG on how to get discounted rates at WDW hotels.

But where did they get their information from you ask? This TouringPlans Blog post, of course:


and it’s all based upon all of the work that @JJT put in for us here on the forum.

All of the best background is still here! :slight_smile:


So, it’s a variation of “What goes around, comes around!”

Thanks, @JJT. And @len. And TouringPlans Blog, and @brklinck. Which leads us back to @JJT:wink:


(Ignore this reply - I deleted a spinny circle animated gif I posted as a joke, just in case the visual might have bothered anyone.)

Yikes. That thing could induce seizures in people, methinks! :slight_smile:

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Just did this yesterday (but only for 1 night) Worked well.

Yeesh, you’re probably right. I deleted the spinny animation just in case.

It was funny, though. So props, regardless!

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PLE newbie here. Haven’t even tried yet. Have rooms booked at BWI (2Q+daybed) end of Feb already but not part of a package so I can still cancel. IF I found a room at one of the Crescent Lake resorts (I’m looking at you, Swuna) what are my chances of then calling said resort to upgrade to a better bed situation without an uncharge? There are only 4 of us but we need 3 sleep surfaces to prevent anyone from having to share a bed with very tall DS17 (AKA “Razor Elbows”). Looks like we could do similar (2Q + $ for rollaway or 1K+sofa bed +rollaway) at Swuna if I could find a really good price to offset fees.