How to plan more time on Tom Sawyer island?

I know our kids will want to spend more time Tom Sawyer island than the amount budgeted by the touring plan. Is there a way to extend the length of our visit there? I’ve tried to put a rest period right after it, but the plan keeps moving the rest. I’m stumped.


Maybe try doing the attraction twice. Add an attraction and select it again. Hopefully when you optimize it will keep them together but double your time.

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Another option would be to evaluate instead of optimize and force your break to the spot you want.

Have you been there before? I ask because our first trip was last week and once we made it to the island, we realized there was little for the kids to do. It was quite a bit of walking up and down steps and I found it be a waste of time. There is a small play area at the top but we wouldn’t hit it again (plus we had a nightmare of a time returning from the island).

My kids loved exploring the island. I think we spent at least an hour. They especially liked the fort at the back of the island.

I think adding it twice should do the trick, but if not, you can always manually move things around once the rest of the plan is in place, and hit evaluate.