How to plan a day at Epcot during a half marathon

We plan to be at Epcot on Friday Feb 20th, which is the Princess Half Marathon. I just read an article about when to expect the race to clear during the Jan full marathon. One of the comments mentioned that there are long waits to get into the parks on race day.

Our TP starts at 9 am. I have FPP starting at 9:30. I’m assuming that there will be similar delays for a half marathon.

Does anyone have any tips on how to maximize our time at the park despite the delays?

Hello there! The actual PHM is on Sunday, with the 10K race on Saturday. I don’t believe any races are going through Epcot on Friday.

The 5K is on Friday morning, and it does run through Epcot. The race starts around 6:15 AM, and with the pace requirements, they manage to get everyone out of the park by 8 or 8:30 AM. The most you might have is a delay getting into the parking lot, depending on how early you arrive, but once you’re in and parked, you won’t have a problem getting in Epcot itself. The number of people running the 5K is a LOT less than the other races, so even if everyone decided to go from the race to inside the park (which is very atypical…most people want a shower and breakfast first), you still won’t have a problem getting in.

Thanks for the info. Glad I was worrying for nothing.

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