How to plan 3 days at MK with TP

I’m brand new to TP so forgive me if this question is obvious : )

We are planning 3 days at MK. I’d like to plan the 3 days as a whole with a TP, rather than choosing attractions for each day and breaking it into 3 separate TPs. I’m unsure of the most efficient way to break up the part so I hoped there could be a guide that told me the best way.

If I need to choose attractions for each day for myself, does this plan seem ok?

Day 1- Fantasyland / Tomorrowland
Day 2 - Frontierland/Adventureland
Day 3- Anything we missed and maybe repeat some favorites

We’ll take an afternoon break at our resort each day. We’ll have 5 people (me, my husband, 3 daughters - ages 8, 9 and 10). We’ll be there in early June. We’re open to your advice!

Thanks for your help! This is our kids’ first trip so our excitement is growing everyday!

Unfortunately you can’t do a single TP for any time that is longer than that days operating hours. Separating the park by lands though is a good choice and reduces your walking. Just from my own perspective I don’t think Frontierland/Adventureland will take you a full day but you’ll be able to tell if there aren’t enough attractions to fill up the day and you can go back and add more.

That seems like a good start. Once you have Optimized your first two days, you will have a better idea of how much you can get done and whether or not there are attractions you might want to move to a different day to take better advantage of FPP, touring conditions, etc. For example, you may find that on Day 2 you really only need 2 FPP, but on Day 1 you could really use 4, so you could move one of the “long wait” attractions from Day 1 to Day 2 and use an FPP for it.

Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it.

We did this last trip and your breakdown is exactly what we did. It worked great. The last day we did fantasyland again to repeat faves and had fpp for hard to get stuff like a&e, 7dmt. As i was optimizing plans I would move certain attractions to another day if they were awkward with our ADRs or caused a lot of walking.

Agree with previous replies. If your plan is to tour in the morning and break for the afternoon, you may even want to split Fantasyland from Tomorrowland. There truly is plenty to do in Fantasyland to fill more than a whole morning. Tomorrowland could fill most of a morning by itself as well. As Outer1 said Frontier/Adventure may or may not take a whole morning, you can always throw in IASW and PP into that day since those are fairly close to Front/Advent. And if you plan to meet A&E, C&R, etc. it’s pretty easy to get to Princess Fairytale Hall (it’s relatively centralized in the park), you don’t have to include those attractions as part of your Fantasyland day, you can really do those almost any day if you need to shift some things around. And Mickey’s Philharmagic. Another easy one to throw into the Frontier/Adventureland day.

I do recommend taking one day to be in the park in the afternoon for the Festival of Fantasy parade. Personally it was my absolute favorite. I have 3 DD’s too, they were 7, 5 and 3 last trip and they all loved it as well. :smile:

Have an amazing trip!