How to navigate GE

I am super excited for our upcoming trip to the World mid-June. We leave as soon as the kids get out of school. After making it through this school year we have reason to celebrate! It will be myself, DS13 and DD10.

I am hopeful to get a ROTR boarding group at 7am but will try again at 1pm if we miss out. I plan to RD and head to RnR first then ToT. Next up SDD or Star Tours pending wait times.

It seems like wait times start to skyrocket mid morning and I am happy to take a resort break at that time and go back to the park for our Sci-Fi reservation at 3:40. We would then close out the park and take advantage of low wait times later in the day.

I am just not sure how to plan for a galaxies edge. I would love to have some time to roam around and take it all in. The big Star Wars fans of the family are not coming on this trip but I was there once BC and appreciated all of the details.

Should we head there after rope dropping a few of the headliners? Or are we better off to wait until later in the day? From recent reports it sounds like it can become wall-to-wall people mid morning and I would like to avoid that. I wanted to mobile order ronto roasters breakfast (served until 11am) but can order Woodys lunchbox instead if GE is crazy at that time of day.

I have the reservation finder looking for an Oga’s ADR for us. That would be a good break if it ends up coming through.

I’m also wondering if the droid depot would be a worthwhile experience. If so should we do that in the late morning when wait times are high? I would need to make a reservation for both DS13 and DD10. It currently looks like there are tons of openings. Is that usually the case? If they do get booked up should I make a reservation now? It looks like I need to secure it with a credit card. If we end up not wanting to do the droid depot do we still get charged?

Thanks for any help with this!

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Regarding your Droid Depot question, yea I think it makes sense to do it at a time when it’s busy elsewhere. If you have a good time slot available, you can book it and cancel at the latest a day before to avoid being charged. During busy times it gets fully booked but I’m not sure how it’s been recently.

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I like you plan to get your Boarding group and then rope drop RnR and ToT. I have done that in the past and it worked out well for me. Not sure how things are running lately in the 2021, but back in January 2020 I did several days where I grabbed a boarding group for RotR, then headed directly to ToT and RnR. I got both of those in and also was able to sneak into Star tours before my Boarding group.

I also varied the approach on a different day to get to Slinky and Midway Mania out of the way first before attempting some other favourites.

As for where to put Black Spire Outpost in: I personally wanted to see it at different times of day. It is a totally different atmosphere at night. I would recommend trying to see it during the day and at night. Make sure you find some time to explore. There is a lot of hidden gems throughout the land.

Also think about if you are going to ride the the Falcon. If you are, take a look at the wait time patterns to find a time that works for you. It does ebb and flow throughout the day.

Droids! That sounds fantastic. Think about the logistics of it. When compete, the droids will come in a box that you will need to carry around. Will you and your DS and DD be tired of carrying them throughout the day?

If you are planning on heading back to the resort at mid-day, that may be a time to book your reservation. That way you can build the droids, head back to the resort and play with them while you prepare for returning at night.

Also while in the droid depot, make sure to get your the unique gift card in this store. If you already know you are going to spend some $$$ in Black Spire, make sure to pick up the Batuuan Spira Credit Medallion. It works as a standard gift card, but you get to keep it as a souvenir after. It really helps to play along with the story when you are using the currency the people of Batuu understand. The get confused by earth money and credit cards.

Oga’s is great as well. The atmosphere inside is a wonderful experience. For me, I found it better to do this at night. That way the colours outside and inside all seem to match. Plus you will not be blinded by the light when you exit. Also be warned, if you order the Rancor beer flight, it comes in quite a large packing box. I barely made it ft in my luggage for the trip home.

Have a great trip! let us know how it all works out.

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I thought they stopped selling the Batuuan Spira Credit Medallion. Is it still available?

I’d do ToT and then RnR. Tower of Terror times build much higher. RnR will still be low after you get off ToT. When we went 16 April (Friday) we were 2nd group in line for ToT after tapping in. Even though the ride experienced an early hiccup (didn’t start running for 5-7 minutes while we sat outside the ‘elevator’ doors), and then waited 5 minutes for our third party member outside RnR (RDing SDD), we only ended up waiting 3-5 minutes to board the coaster. Then my son and his friend went back for a second coaster ride with a 5-7 minute wait.


Thanks I was wondering about the order. Two rides in RnR would be great for the crew!