How to make ADRs

Sorry for the very basic question! At 180 days, is it easier/better to make ADRs through MDE or on the Disney site? Window fast approaching and I want to get it right as we're going Easter week, so will be busy. Thanks.

Disney site @Perdita - app doesn't let you book CRT and several others...

Thank you!

Definitely the website. Here is another tip, if you are on the main dining page and get any kind of error message when searching for a restaurant, press on. I kept getting "We are experiencing tech issues searching..." pop ups and I just ignored them and kept clicking through. Got everything we wanted at the times we wanted.

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Very helpful: thanks!

Website, without a question. You can open up multiple windows and have them all ready to go so that when the system open up for reservations then you can submit all your requests at once.

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We are going Easter week too. Yesterday when I spoke to the CM at V/A she mentioned I might be able to log in at midnight to reserve the chef’s table and then I could call later to discuss the details. Ever work? Or maybe she was thinking 6 am and ten call at 7 am?