How to link multiple families

Hi - we are spending 7 nights at Disney. My parents are coming for 4 nights, and my husband’s parents are coming for 4 nights. How do I link us all together? I want to make dining reservations for the first half of the week for the first side of the family (including us), and the same for the 2nd half of the week. Thank you!

You can make dining reservations for as large as party as you need without linking. You don’t have to select who is in the party to make the reservation. If you still want to link everyone you need to send a friends and family request via MDE. Who has their own MDE? Are the admission tickets and hotels linked to each travel groups MDE?

Thank you! I also wanted to make fast passés together too. We have 6 separate reservation numbers for the week. All staying at the same hotel.

Ok. Then for sure you should link. Is each reservation under a different MDE account? For example, if I travel with my brother he has his own MDE and has profiles for my niece and nephew. I have to send a request to him for him to become my friend and family and then another request to him to allow each of the profiles he manages (my niece and nephew) to be added to my friends and family list.

Yes, all different MDE. Ok, I’ll send requests. Thank you!