How to Keep FPP Static?

I have entered the times of our reserved FPP into my personalized TP, however, when I optimize until stable it randomly changes the FPP time that I manually entered for our reservation.

How do I keep the FPP times that I manually enter static?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “randomly changes the FPP time that I manually entered”. It often ignores your FPP reservations if it can make a better overall plan without them, so it can for example schedule 7DMT for 5:00 when you have a 2:00 FPP, but I have never seen it change the times that you enter in the FPP section of the plan.

I will try to get a screen shot next time it happens but it has happened several time during the course of the past few days, basically since I entered my FPP times rather than letting the system select the time for me.

ie. I enter Peter Pan at 11:30, 7DMT at 12:50, and Space Mountain at 1:55 (those are the actual times of my FPP). Then I continue to optimize my plan until stable but it has me showing up for those rides at odd times BUT says that it is a current FPP. I click on Add FP, and sure enough, it has changed the time of my FPP. So I re-enter my actual FPP time and continue in this loop until it finally ‘sticks’.

Hmm - very strange. E-mail about this - they are pretty good at getting to the bottom of these things.

Thank you.

I go into my TP and Optimize about every other day to check on things and see if rides have closed etc. Today, it moved my Kilimanjaro ride OUT of the FP window and left it as a FP ride. It did NOT do this because of a better time or plan. It is a glitch.

How far out? Remember, you have a grace period of 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after your FPP window, so it may still be within that. Did it change the FPP time that you entered like @LAM4764?

My window starts at 1:50. TP moved my ride time to 3:30…???

I would definitely e-mail and give the the URL of this plan.