How to justify $1875 for one runDisney day

I am looking at a couple of options to do one park day an UNI during Marathon Weekend.

We will arrive at the airport around 5pm on Jan 3/23. There will be 3 of us.

Option 1:
Royal Pacific for one night + 2 Day Park to Park ticket for 3 of us.
Cost is around $1872.

Option 2:
Add extra night at Pop Century hotel (approx $215 per night)
Get 1 - day park 2 park ticket at UNI + EP (approx $900). Not sure I calculated this right
Transport to Park and back estimate $50 Lyft
Cost is around $1165.

Option 3:
Is AP an option that could potentially save some $$$? We most likely would not be able to get back within the year.

  • Option 1 could potentially get us into the parks the first night for one or two attractions plus the whole next day.
  • Option 1 is Unlimited EP
  • Option 2 is only one day in parks.
  • Option 2 is standard EP
  • Option 2 will require transport to UNI for the day.

Things are getting crazy expensive these days.

Any other options you can think of???

I checked the price of the Unlimited Express Pass sold along with a single day two park ticket. They are $179 on Jan. 3, 2023.

Here’s your price per person

Here’s the total for all three of you

Does that help?

I really don’t think an AP would work for you if you can’t use it for at least 4 days.

Could you stay at a value or moderate hotel at Universal? They are often less than $200 per night and you get all the on-site benefits!


Thank you for helping out.

I took a look at hotel pricing yesterday and found the following for Jan 3. We are not fussy as to the hotel we stay in. I guess the only requirement we would have is to be able to get to the park entrance for rope rope early enough. So we are OK with any hotel that we can walk to the park from in the morning. (Not sure if buses are early enough to be at the front of rope drop).


Sapphire falls is an easy walk (just past RP!) - and you also have the option of getting there by boat. I’ve only heard good things about it, although I’ve never stayed there myself.

I stay at the value resort - Endless Dockside. I am habitually the very first person at the tapstiles / entry for EPA! They start picking up one hour before EPA.

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@Shellott-hill have you checked AAA they offer discounted Universal tickets, APs and EXPRESS passes…when ever we have people coming with us I always recommend the 2 park seasonal through AAA- and small discounts for some merch/food

Walk in prices @ AAA at least here are generally better than the online pricing