How to go from Epcot to Poly and back w/ Disney Transportation?

The day we are going to Epcot, we have an early dinner at O’hanna at Polynesian resort. This is our 2nd trip, and we have never been there, or resort hopped, and will only be using the transportation Disney provides (no car). I assumed I would take a bus from outside entrance to Epcot to the Poly for the dinner, but I read somewhere there is no direct bus?

What is the easiest way to do this and how much time should I plan? The res is at 3:30, I was originally thinking of leaving Epcot at 2:30 and we would be back by 5:30-6…is this off?

I don’t really know much about the monorail or the TTC, and reading some things about doing this, transferring here, seems a little too overwhelming/confusing…What are the experts advice? :slight_smile: Thanks

I am going to suggest something that may scare you! I think you should take the monorail from Epcot to the TTC and then walk to the Poly. When you get off the monorail there will be CM- you just ask where the oath to the Poly is. If that is too scary- hope the “resort Loop” monorail. You will have to get off the Epcot monorail and change to the resort Loop. That will take you to Poly too!

Oh! An hour is more than enough time (it may actually only take you 30 minutes but an hour gives you time in case something goes wrong.

Thank you, it does sound a little scary, but just bc I am not familiar with the monorail. So, some newbie questions…where do you board the monorail at Epcot? Are there separate lines for each destination (like the buses) or do they say where they are going? (Also, if I do your 1st suggestion, will I know when to get off? is the first/only stop?)

And is the TTC just like a small building kiosk like thing? Once getting there, is the poly visable? Short walk? (I assume you meant ask a CM which “path” to take?)

Then, also, how would I leave? Just repeat backwards, walk to TTC, and there would be clearly marked monorail that says Epcot?
Thanks for your help in this!

When you get out the front gate of Epcot the monorail will be right in front of you. There will be signs. The monorail from Epcot only goes from Epcot to the TTC, so when it stops- get off (I did once see a family riding back and forth from Epcot to the TTC since they did not know what to do). The TTC is a central hub of transportation. There is a dock for a ferry that goes back and forth to MK, buses, and monorails. There are three monorail lines. I am trying to post a link and it is not working so I am posting this and then trying in a new reply!

It’s a very easy walk from the TTC to the Poly, and there are always CM’s at the TTC who would be happy to direct you. Enjoy your dinner:)

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agreed - walk to TTC and monorail to Epcot

Ok, thank you everyone! I can do this :relaxed: