How to get to Hoop de Doo Show

I need to know how to get from Hollywood Studios to the Hoop de Doo show when one of us uses a scooter.

Bus to FtW, then internal bus to the settlement.
FtW has three internal routes. They all end at the settlement, so get on any route color bus. They will stop several times, at camping loops, but the driver will tell you when to get off for Hoop.

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Here’s a snippet from the Disney Web site. Note the cautions for allowing sufficient transit time.

Getting Here
Please read the following transportation information and directions well in advance of your reservation date.

As this experience is quite popular, we recommend arriving 30 minutes before the doors open at 4:00 PM, 6:15 PM or 8:30 PM. Seating will begin immediately at these times, and the show begins 20 minutes later.
Guests Using Disney Resort Transportation
Please allow sufficient travel and transfer time, as there is no direct route between your Resort hotel and Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.
Guests Using Their Own Vehicles
You must park at the entrance to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground or—during major holiday periods—at a nearby satellite lot. Please allow an additional 30 minutes for bus transportation from your parking location to the event.

Bus bus bus but there are several boats but only one that takes ECVs.

If you’re willing to cough up $25 each way, the Minnie Vans drop off/pick up at the settlement. I felt that was worth it for us.

joefishing, where do I find that one boat?

wesamfa, that is good idea. I suppose taxi would be more expensive.

It’s the big boat that goes from MK to FW.

can I be sure a Minnie van will be available when I want it. how many hours in advance can I request a Minnie van?

No. But the only time we couldn’t get one was first thing in the morning. We had no problem getting one for Hoop-dee-Doo, though. Still, it’s up to the driver to accept your ride request or not. Even though it seems to be more hit than miss, it would be prudent to have a Plan B. Along those same lines, don’t make your plans contingent on hailing one at the last minute. Leave yourself some wiggle room.

As far as scheduling one in advance, I couldn’t figure out how to do it (or even if it’s possible). Maybe someone here can teach us both something.

We typically waited 10-15 minutes for the Minnie Vans to show up (CL week of 4-6). So I’d factor that in.

I have no experience with ECVs, but see below:

It seems like if you need an ECV Minnie Van, you can’t use the app, but need to make a special request. If you are in the parks, then maybe guest services could do it?

Thank you for this info. One idea I had was leave Hollywood studios and return to Pop. drop off scooter. get Minnie van to hoop de doo. Plan B will be take a taxi I guess. I assume taxis are permitted to drop people off at pioneer hall.

I’m not sure they are! I think it may only be Minnie vans that can drive to Pioneer Hall. You may find you’d have to wait for an internal bus to take you from the main parking lot to HDDR.

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This. My understanding is that any mode of transport other than Minnie Vans have to drop off at the front of FW. However, if you can drop off the ECV at the hotel, then a Minnie Van will get you close. We used MV to get to HDDR in June. It drops you off close, but you still have to walk about a hundred yards to the Hall. I tried to show where the drop off for us was relative the hall…

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