How to get to Chef Mickey's Breakfast

Thinking about ADRs for a trip this winter. Looking at Chef Mickey’s breakfast (lets say around 7:30 AM with 9:00 MK opening). How do I get there from AoA with DS6, DS4, and DD2. The boys can use inflatable travel car seats with Lyft, but what about DD2? She needs a real car seat. How do people do this without Minnie Vans?

Is your trip
Back on???

Rental car is by far the easiest. You can park at the Contemporary all day. Works great at Trattoria to walk to HS or EP as well.


You could always change to CR :wink:


I’m starting to consider this.

You devil…

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According to my bank account (resort deposits), but have not talked with DW about it seriously yet. Waiting to see if this “second” wave goes nuts.

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You know, maybe that would actually work to do it the last night there. We just wouldn’t list DD1 on the room? I think the max is 4 correct?

Max is five at CR. Two queens and a sofa bed.

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I prefer the term “enabler”

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CR is 5. I wouldn’t leave anyone off the ressie but that’s me.

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You can also include one infant in addition to the official occupancy.

Well that’s exciting! Hope it works out for you!

So, my plan (for now) is to do AK on Friday, and with the short hours (5PM closing) I think we will try to push through without a mid-day break at the hotel. So, this would actually be conducive to a “homeless” day between resorts if we do a split stay. So, thanks to @OBNurseNH I’m now planning to move to CR for Friday and Saturday night. Chef Mickeys on either Saturday or Sunday morning. Easy access to MK on Saturday, our last park day. I love this new plan. Thank you @OBNurseNH


But my dilemma remains for another meal. I would like to get breakfast in the Boardwalk area before our Epcot day. So, I’d still like to hear ideas about getting there before the Skyliner is running. I’m assuming the only option is car rental or Lyft/Uber.

Typically, HS has opening ahead of Epcot. So if you don’t mind a bit later breakfast, hop on the Skyliner to HS as early as possible and then walk from there to Boardwalk. Once your breakfast is done, you can walk to Epcot.

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This is a good idea, except HS is scheduled to open at 10, so I doubt Skyliner will be running before 9ish. Just my guess, I really don’t know. Perhaps we will make this more of a brunch, and plan to eat around 10ish. I think that might actually work better, as the kids would not be hungry the first hour or two that Epcot is open and we can maximize that time for rides.


It’s just what I do :wink:

The only other thing I can think of is a bus to AK or MK (depending on opening times that day), then bus to BW. It’s an annoying 40ish min on buses, but could get you there earlier than the skyliner, depending on how much of the morning you want to sacrifice getting there.

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That’s actually a really good idea. It might end up being less transportation time as a result if you account for waiting for Skyliner, plus walking time to/from Boardwalk.