How to get that business class alone seat with the lie fully flat

Ever since I started hearing about these new seats, such as Delta One, that lie fully flat and are very private, I’ve been kind of obsessed. How do you book one and ensure that you definitely get one? I’ve only ever flown economy, but for a very long flight I’d definitely consider upgrading, esp due to pandemic. The privacy is so enticing. Specifically, I’m interested in flights like that from Anchorage back to BWI in mid June 2022, if I get to go on my cruise. That amount of flying in one day scares me. I’m also going BWI to Vancouver to start. It seems like these special seats are only on certain long flights.

When I flew Business Class to Barcelona they had those.

There were only 4 seats per row - one at each window and two in the middle at angles. Even the two in the middle were isolated.

No secret to booking them - you just book business class as long as your plane is one that has those seats.

From Delta One ®

“Delta One is available on all long-haul international flights that are 6.5+ hours and cross-country flights between JFK and LAX or SFO.”

Hmm, doesn’t sound like it fits your trip. But you did say, “such as…” so maybe there’s hope for other airlines you could use on your trip?

That’s part of why I’m asking. I don’t know the market well enough to know what airlines to look at etc. And I’ve never flown to these places before. I’m also interested in how a standard first class experience would be compared to this. At first glance it seems far less private because someone would be next to me.

So there’s lie flats and then there’s suites. Not all lie flats are as private. On some flights they are in rows of two with only a half partition by your head.

Most of the suite style ones are limited to transcontinental service. American calls them Flagship Business/First, United is Polaris, and Delta is Delta One. Jet Blue is Mint.

I don’t think you’re going to get what you’re looking for between Anchorage and BWI. Most of them only serve LA/SFO/JFK/LGA.