How to get set up for Fast Pass Day?

ok, so as a first timer with Fast Pass day tomorrow I’m sort of a nervous wreck. How do you “plan” to do Fast Pass? Do you scroll through your TP’s as your doing them? Do you write them all down on a piece of paper in order of importance? Any tips for making this process easier for myself, more streamlined? Our first day is AK, and I think I’m just going to go by park b/c I don’t want to get myself all confused and screw it up. I just want to feel PREPARED for the process tomorrow morning. Thanks!

No tips here as I am a first timer but I was wondering the same thing!! Good luck!

I wrote down the ones I wanted with the times that I ideally wanted, day by day.

I then started with the hardest ones (7dmt, FEA, TSMM) and where I had a choice of days, like 2 days at MK I tried the furthest out ones first. Ticked them off as I got them.

Given I was in the uk and couldn’t log on until about 4pm my time, 11am est, and my arrival day was Dec 23rd, I was nervous! But got everything I wanted. Got caught out with days 11 to 14 because I had thought these wouldn’t open up at 60 days. Wrong!! It’s full length of stay for fp+ so then just opened a second window and pulled up the plans.

If you can’t get the exact time, take what you can, and later just go in and you may well be able to modify them to better times.

Good luck!


I always write down the day/time I want. I also write down the exact time of each one I book. I have found that sometimes the sequence I want is not available. For example, I cannot find RnR after 6:00, but I can find Star Tours- so I will flip my plans and do RnR, ToT and then ST instead of ST, RnR, ToT.

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I have the attractions/rides I want and when I would like them listed on a spread sheet open and ready for when I can make them. When I can start to make them, I will start with what I am looking for and make any adjustments as I go, and change the times and or dates in my spreadsheet. I have found this helps me the most.

Um, ok, I was just writing out the time TP has my FP listed for. So if it is 10:20, do I try and get the FP for 10:20, or do I do 30 minutes before so I have a buffer of 30 minutes each way???

This is exactly what I did. Where I couldn’t get the exact time I took close enough because it was only ever 5-10 minutes out which I knew I could accommodate, and I made sure to write down the time I’d got!! This is important because they can’t overlap, so if I’d got 11.05 instead of 11, I couldn’t then get a 12. And the system will still show it and let you select it, but then give you an error message when you confirm, which slows you down!

It depends what time your next one is planned for, but as long as your planned ride time is in the window you’ll be fine.

That said, I tried to get it for the exact time.

I try for the time I want but will adjust based on what I can get. Like your example, if i wanted 10:20, I would look for 10:20 but than look before or after by up to 30 minutes or more if needed and adjust the order of the rides. Something else to remember, is that you can go back and do adjustments to what you are requesting later on, as other people change what they want for their FP.

Thanks, one more thing. So my youngest might not ride all the rides, so my DH will sit out with her. But we want it get “used” so we can schedule more than 3. So do they scan their wristband right at the entrance and then just not get in line? Would that consider it “used”?

Can you use rider swap?

I’m not sure on that, but you might be able to do the rider swap depending on how young. I remember many years ago, doing the rider swap but that was with the paper fast passes not with the bands. I am sure that their are others that could give a better answer, like @PrincipalTinker

Well my husband has no interest in riding anything, so if she doesn’t want to he will want to sit out. And as far as EE it might just end up being me! And I don’t want to ride it 4 times, lol.

You could have them scan and go thru the line but then ask to exit. That would let you use the 3 FP+ with no issues.

I did this the last time I was there in December for Dinosaur. Andrea rode it but I exited after going thru part of it. I exited right before she went to get on the ride. It worked out great.

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Ok, really stupid question that I should know the answer to, but it’s finals week(s) and I’m already fried. 60 days coming up in 4 days.

What time can you start making FP reservations? Midnight? 6 am?

It’s 7am Orlando time

Thanks. Got my TP and my list, so I’m ready.

I’m not clear on why you would want to use up a FP by just going through a line, but not going on the ride.

Each member of your family can select a different ride for each of your 3 FP. 2 of you can get FP for one ride and the other 2 family members can get FP for a different ride. (Or 1 can go on EE and the other 3 can get FP for something else.) It can be around the same time, or a totally different time.

I would try to book the ones that are traditionally hardest to get first. I would also consider which rides are absolute must do for your family and try to get those next.

Yes, I know, it’s weird. But my husband has no interest in splitting up (or riding anything). He’s just sort of along for the ride. I realize we are wasting fast passes, which is sacrilege, lol. But I won’t know until we get there if the kids will ride it or not. They claim they want to, but mom is doubtful. They may surprise me.