How to get SciFi ADR you want

I currently have an ADR for Sci Fi for party of 5 for 2:40 on our HS half park day. I would really like to move it to a 1pm reservation. I have the reservation finder working to look for a 1pm party of 5 ADR. Will I have any better luck to keep trying to modify my existing reservation?
For other ADRs I have split our party and been able to get overlapping ADRs for party of 3 and 2. But with SciFi is it best to keep us all together to be ensured we will be seated together?
Thanks in advance!

I am having a hard time adding 1 person to my reservation. We are going on 10/27. Initially, we had 3 in our party but my mom decided to come with us this trip. I have tried to modify our reservation on the website and called the reservation line with no luck so far. I am hoping that the reservation finder will come through for me

Going from a table for 3 to a table for 4 is actually no different for the restaurant since 3 people will be seated at a table that can accommodate 4.

Going from 2 to 3 or 4 to 5 necessitates a larger table.

Since you are going from 3 to 4, I wouldn’t worry if the reservation finder doesn’t come through and would be comfortable just showing up w/ 4 people.

I am surprised that when you called they couldn’t fix it for you. If you are concerned I would call back. You are going to be 3 people at a table for 4 - there is no reason you can’t add the 4th person

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@minnie and @ajcraw102 - that is exactly what I thought. The CM on the phone, said that it had to do more with reaching seating capacity than the number at the table itself. I will probably try calling back as it gets closer if the reservation finder can’t find me one

You do frequently get different answer depending on who you talk to so I would absolutely try back at some point if you don’t have any luck on res finder

We’ve walked up w/ one more a few times in the past. I wouldn’t put too much effort into changing it.

For a while, we thought my dd’s friend was going to come with us so I made some ADRs for 4 and it ended up she isn’t coming. I might call as we get closer, but I don’t want to lose anything so I’m not adjusting them electronically.