How to get our suites close together at GF

We are going to WDW in November as a group of 14. We have 2 X 2bdrm suites at the GF villas rented through a DVC owner. The same owner booked both rooms for us and our reservations are linked. We would love to have our suites adjoining obviously but would be happy with just close together on the same floor. Is there someone I could call to request that?? Do they honour these requests? TIA!

You can fax (yes, fax!) a room request to the GF Villas 5 days before your arrival. The fax number is 407-824-3186.

If you want adjoining 2BRs, the ones to request are 1X19 and 1X20 (where X is the floor number). These are standard view rooms.

Here’s our map of the rooms at GF Villas. It looks like the building is small enough that as long as you’re on the same floor, it’s not a long way between any two 2BRs.

If you’ve got water-view rooms, they’re going to be numbered 1X06, 1X12, and 1X18 (where X is the floor number, e.g., 1, 2, etc). You can wave to each other from the balconies of 1X12 and 1X18.

Standard View 2BRs are 1X07, 1X13, 1X24, and 1X25, plus the 1X19 and 1X20 already mentioned (1X19 and 1X20 aren’t available on the 1st floor). 1X24 and 1X25 are across the hall from each other, and are a decent alternative to 1X19 and 1X20.

Keep your fax text brief - the people reading them are handling many requests per day, and the less they have to understand, the easier it is for them to give you what you want. We usually recommend not much more than your name, reservation number, arrival and departure dates, and the kinds of rooms you want.

I’d say something like this:

My Name
My Reservation Number
My Arrival Date and Departure Date
My Phone Number

Dear Disney’s Grand Floridian Villas,

Our reservation (above) includes two, 2-bedroom villas. If possible, we’d like rooms 1X19 and 1X20 on the same floor, because they’re adjacent.

Our second preference would be rooms 1X24 and 1X25, on the same floor.

Thank you,

My Name

What’s a fax machine? Can I play a betamax tape with it?

I was just coming on to post a question as to whether faxing was still the way to go for room requests. I really (REALLY) want connecting rooms, so I’m trying to up my chances. Now to go find a fax machine…

This is fantastic information! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your help. Fingers crossed we get something at least on the same floor!

Any advice for regular rooms? I have two rooms reserved as follows: MAIN BLDG-THEME PARK VIEW - CLUB LEVEL - any specific room suggestions? Good or bad being on the same level as the club room, which I believe is the 5th floor.