How to get in at opening if unable to use morning EMH

We’re going to MK Aug. 20th and 21st but not staying on property. MK has EMH from 8:00 to 9:00 on Aug. 20th, but obviously, we can’t go. I know it is not the best idea to go on that day, but that how we planned it and we really can’t change it. So…could anyone tell me what is the best way to ensure I will be able to get in at 9:00 when the park opens officially? I’ve been told that I would have transportation issues as TTC might not take me to the entrance of MK until a little later. Does this mean that there is no way for a regular person that can’t take advantage of the EMH to get in at official opening? That seems like a very strange concept to me, but this is our first trip and I am still just trying to figure it out. I was just planning on getting to the parking lot at 7:45, take the shuttle and TTC to the entrance and figured I’d be there around 8:15 to wait for the Park to open, does this not work if they have morning EMH?

There are those more versed than myself, but try to get valet parking at the Contemporary, let them know you are going to the parks, if it’s not too busy they will let you. There are others who know better. or perhaps park and walk to contemporary then to MK or take a cab to the contemporary from the TTC, and walk from the contemporary to the MK. It is about a 10 minute walk.

When you get to the TTC, you can take the Resort Monorail which starts running at 7:00 on August 20th. You don’t actually have to be staying at a resort, but it does have a few extra stops, where as the express monorail takes you directly to the Magic Kingdom. If the Monorail isn’t running they usually offer alternative methods of transportation including bus and ferryboat. You can enter the MK during the EMH, however you would not be able to go any rides (they scan them at the ride entrances to see if you’re a resort guess) until 9 o’clock.

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Wow are you positive about this? This sounds great actually. But here are some things I was told by other “Disney goers” :

-“If you are going to MK on an emh day you wont even be able to get to the park. TTC transportation doesn’t even run until the park is just about to open.”

  • “It is very crowded at TTC but if you aren’t staying on property they won’t let you through the gates”

So some people say I’ll be stuck at TTC and some say I’ll be stuck at the entrance (which is totally fine by me as long as I can get in when they open).

Are you telling me that by taking a different TTC (the resort one instead of express), this is what will allow me to get in?


The ferry and/ or monorails should be operating during EMH. Some onsite guests will drive to MK and will need a way to get to the park from the TTC also. The monorail has been on a limited schedule this summer which could be why it has not been running for some. This is not dependent on park operating hours but a maintenance thing for the monorail. If it is not running take the ferry instead.
You will be held at the gate until official park opening though since you are on off site guest. During evening EMH they do check magic bands at attractions but it morning because only onsite guests are allowed entry for EMH except people who have ADR prior to offical park opening.


The TTC opens the parking lot 2 hours before the park opens even in cases of EMH. Not everyone staying on property wants to use Disney Transportation from their resorts. For example, My family and I stay at Port Orleans and we want to use our car to go to the Magic Kingdom versus taking the bus. If you’re worried about not being able to enter the parks until 9 that morning, you may want to head over to one of the resorts nearby for a quick look or a bite to eat. They offer counter service, so you wouldn’t have to worry about making a reservation.

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Lol, there are “Disney goers” and there are liners- trust us!


Haha! I need someone to trust and I choose you people here, the story has a better ending (the ending being a relatively smooth start to our first day ever at Disney)!!

Thank you all!!

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No one will check your MB (unless you are driving into a resort parking lot) to see if you are a resort guest until you hit the turnstiles at any parks. You will never be checked to use any form of Disney transportation at any time.


Thanks! I was actually wondering about that. So I get there and behave just like anyone who’s going for EMH and just stop at Park Entrance…easy enough! Very helpful tip, thanks again!


What you say about being allowed in but not riding is absolutely correct for EVENING EMH, but in fact NOT for MORNING EMH. You won’t get past the Tapstiles in the morning unless you’re a resort guest or have an ADR.

Thanks for the clarification.