How to get Genie+ Return Times from Thrill-Data? (for past days)

For our trip first two weeks in Feb with park hopper and Genie+, we will do early entry most days then leave before noon, and come back to a different park around 4 pm. Genie+ plan is to aim first for a pre-10am G+ for a desirable ride at the first park, after that aim for 4pm+ reservations at the second park. So, I thought I’d get make a table from a recent similar Crowd Level day of G+ return times. A recent TP blog had a graph of G+ return times for sample days. I was thinking like that, only a table. The graph data came from thrill-data. Trouble is, I can see a graph from today. But when I change to a past day it disappears. Anyone know how to get the past data?

This image from today is encouraging for what I want to do.

I know TP is adding the G+ suggestions. But, park hopping has to throw a wrench in that.

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There should be a “change data date” button at the top middle of that attraction page. Enter the same date for the start and end date. Not sure if this is the way you tried, but it works for me.

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Looks like I just picked a date that didn’t have data (12/1) odd.

You know I think that happened to me before.