How to get from FW to 'Ohana's?

Hard part is with a wheelchair. Can you take large ferry back from MK to TTC and walk at 8:30 am?

I would take ferry from FW to Contemporary and ride the monorail from there over to Poly. Sounds complicated, but really it isn’t. Should work with a wheelchair, and would be faster than going all the way to MK and back again.

Problem is the boats from FW to CR aren’t possible for wheelchairs :frowning: .

Are the boats from FW to MK wheelchair accessible?

Yes (except during January maintanence sad face). I can get from FW to MK but was worried about counting on monorail that early. Have never used TTC ferry.

If you can get to MK can you take the MK to Poly boat or the resort line monorail?

The wheelchair is again a problem. The monorail is needed.

The monorail does run every morning by 8:30 though- right? So boat to MK and resort monorail should work?

Thank you. Have never used monorail that early. Fingers crossed it is the easiest way.

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