How to get dressed for V&A after MK (without going back to AKL)

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary at V&A (Victoria’s Room, Chef’s Table was booked :cry:). We plan to spend that afternoon at MK. Is it possible to drop off a garment bag the day before with the bellman at GF? Is there somewhere we will be able to change and freshen up? I’d prefer to not waste all that time going from MK to AKL and back to GF. Thanks!!

Maybe at the pool bathroom. They usually have showers there. I can’t soeak specifically for the GF but AKL and BC had showers in the pool bathrooms.

That’s a tough one. We did our chef’s table on a non-park day (I did WAT in the early AM, DW rested in the room all day).

Knowing that I was approaching a 4-5 hour 10 course dinner that was going to cost close to $1,000 (with all of the extras, wine, tax and tip added in), losing a couple of hours of touring time to clean up and relax a bit would not be of a major concern to me.


This is a good question for @profmatt I think he is doing this next month.

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My plan is to drop off a garment bag in the morning at GF, have breakfast at 1900PF, spend the day at MK, then back to GF. I’m assuming the men’s rooms are nice enough to change in.