How to get discount when already booked at rack rate

I have used a TA in the past, but for next year I thought I’d do things myself through the website. When using a TA, we’d book at rack rate, then when the seasonal discounts would come out the TA would change our ressie to get the savings. If I’d doing this myself, how does this work?

You need to make the reservation direct through WDW (do not use Orbutz, Expedia, etc.). When discounts are announced, you call WDW reservations and ask for them to be applied to your reservation. That is essentially what a TA is doing in your behalf.

When they apply the discount, I’d heard they cancel your existing rack rate reservation and create a new discount reservation, and any dining ressies are lost in the process. Is this true?

As well, is it very time consuming to call WDW Reservations? This may sound funny considering the cost of a typical WDW vacation, but I live in Canada and I fear the long distance phone call charges. That, along with what I mentioned above, is what’s kept me using a TA to this point…

I had a rack rate res at BC last week of Sept. When the promos came out a month or so ago, I was able to apply the discounted rate online at MDE, My reservations, modify reservation. No problem.

Online? I thought you could only modify via telephone! That’s great.

I constantly apply different discounts. The only time my reservation was cancelled and rebooked ( refund given and new deposit applie) was when I added dining to my AP rate, which changed my room only to a package. I have never lost any ADRs. I will admit to splitting stays, changing views, even changing resorts that I have booked. Sometimes when you apply a discount you may find that resort or view is not available. Even then you do not lose your ADRs.

Your ADRs are tied to your MDE account not the room reservation specifically, so even if you did have to cancel and rebook it shouldnt impact them.

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Yes, as long as an ADR is within 180 days it will stay on your MDE account, even if you canceled your resort reservation.

Please note that technically the discount is NOT “being applied” to your current reservation.

If there is availability on the promotion, your reservation is being changed.

Think of it this way:

Current reservation is from a pool of rooms, say pool A
Promotional room is pulled from pool B (only certain amounts of rooms are set aside for the promotion and even then, certain quantities of rooms are set aside for specific lengths of stays ie 5-day, 7-day, etc.)

If there are no rooms left in Pool B, you won’t get the discount, even though you have a room already reserved.

It’s a misconception that the discount can and will always be “applied” to a current reservation.

Have a plan B ready (like another resort or date changes) if you are looking to switch to a promotion.


Good point @DarthDopey - people often get bent out of shape when a discount is announced but they can’t apply it because their existing reservation (dates, resort, room type, etc.) is not in one of the available pools.

It’s also why the phones lines at ridiculous when the promos come out.

This last Free dining actually killed the phones lines and broke the website.

You couldn’t even call the billing department. Busy lines EVERYWHERE.

Be prepared to be on the phone ALL day.

A good reason to use a TA! :smile: