How to EPCOT

I’m having some serious decision fatigue. Help me plan our Epcot time, please.

12/20 we have Teppan Edo at 8:20 and the Deluxe hours 10-12pm. Can arrive before our ADR but not realistically much before 7pm as it is a MK day and we are hoping to rest before late hours.

12/22 Arrive 12:30ish. Dinner at Space at 6:30. Hop to MK by 9 for Deluxe hours

My original plan was to do rides in Future World plus FEA during Deluxe hours on 12/20. Is Club Cool open during deluxe hours??
Then 12/22 do World Showcase (including ILL for Remi) until dinner. Plan to hop on LWTL after dinner before heading to MK for late hours at 9 (I need to see the holiday overlay).

Now I’m wondering if my strategy is off. I imagine World Showcase will be pretty busy by the time we get there on 12/22. I’m wondering if I should do ILL for Remi, maybe hit a couple of countries, then concentrate on rides for the rest of the afternoon. Then finish WS during Deluxe hours. Will the holiday storytellers and Santas be out during deluxe hours?

Thanks for helping me!

No, storytellers will not be out during deluxe hours. They are done fairly early in the evening/late afternoon. In 2019 they finished before dark.

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Thanks. That may be the deciding factor. We’ll likely spend our daylight hours in WS then.

I have a VERY similar plan. Have not decided on Remy yet and keep going back and forth. We will do livingnwith the land and the seas on Day 2 because we have a CP coral reef ADR. Otherwise all of Day 2 will be World showcase. I am a bit afraid my husband will not enjoy the day but figure maybe I can park him at Rose and Crown with some Guiness!