How to end with a bang? Epcot or AK?

I’d love some advice on how to end a 8-night trip at the end of August. It’ll be me, DH (or maybe DSister) and DS7, and DD1. We were in WDW at the same time last year. And my parents (in their 70s) will be joining us for the last 4 night.

For the last two nights, we can do Epcot (Biergarten + FEA Dessert Party) and then Sanaa lunch at AK. Or, the other way around, minus the dessert party but with evening EMH. Ending with AK seems anti-climatic, other than the final ride being on FOP.

If we do Epcot on the second to last night, we can do the FEA dessert party, but it’s not offered the following night. But if Epcot is on the last night, we can enjoy EMH. (And it’s an MNSSHP night, so HEA is not an option, but we will go in the morning to enjoy the lower crowds).

What would you do?


I also had a choice between AK and Epcot for our final night. I went with Epcot. My family is kind of meh about AK and I feel like Epcot is just more “Disney” to me.

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That’s what I was thinking, but it’s helpful to hear it from someone else. Thanks!

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They are my two favorite parks. I would probably end with with EP; WS at night is probably my favorite place in WDW.

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I’d do — in fact I am doing — FEA dessert party, followed by walking all the way round WS, as my last night “goodbye”.


I had planned to do the party on the last night (partly after reading your numerous posts about your plans), but there isn’t one that night! I guess I’ll have to improvise a bit. I think WS in the evening, followed by a final ride on Soarin’ during EMH should do the trick.

I’d end with Epcot over AK. There are various reasons, but the most compelling simply is that Epcot feels more Disney and iconic. Spaceship Earth, the monorail, World Showcase. Animal Kingdom feels mostly like a walk it the woods. :slight_smile:

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Are you doing Biergarten for dinner and then the FEA Dessert Party? I think that would be WAY too much food, personally.

Thanks for highlighting that! Last year I failed to heed a similar warning about WCC + HEA dessert party. I should have listened!

I think I would have ended up doing QS in Germany if we did the dessert party, or Biergarten without the party. Probably the latter now since the dessert party is not offered on my last night.