How to Determine Touring Plan Picks for Room Views

I’m using the Touring Plans Room Views for Bay Lake Tower, and after adding only the filters of Lake View/2 Bedroom and Higher Floor, plus Touring Plan’s Picks, I can’t see which are actually the Touring Plan’s Picks for that category room. Every room I click on, when it shows the pic and underneath all the info about the room, when it says TP Pick, it always states NO.

Is there any way to tell which is the recommended room or am I just not doing something right?

I always uncheck the touring plans picks. There are so few rooms identified as “picks”. By starting with the room type you booked, and looking through the pictures, you can find great rooms!


Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I think it just means there are no “TP Picks” rooms in that category. For example if you choose a Little Mermaid Room at AoA, there are no TP Picks because they would need to be close to transportation and amenities, which they are not. From what I’ve seen poking around at them, almost none of the TP Picks are on higher floors because of the added “time to X” due to elevators.

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Thanks for the responses. I was beginning to think I was crazy. I unchecked the high floors and only checked Lake View/2 BR & those showed. When I added the TP Picks, there were NONE in the 2 BR Lake View category.

Echoing the comments above, there are not TP picks for every category. There are just a handful of TP picks at every resort, so you won’t find much if you are already narrowed down.