How to create a touring plan with a guest with disability

I was wondering how to go about creating a touring plan for myself and my son with autism. He is 24 and high functioning but gets flustered in big crowds at times. Two years ago we were able to get a disability pass plus use FP+. How will this affect my touring plan? Should I try and plan to do the disability pass on rides we cannot get fast passes for? I would love for some suggestions! Love this site!! Thanks!!

I think this is the best plan, coupled with many short breaks. I know there are threads on this forum that discuss quiet places in the parks. Try to find those.

Also, note that the DAS depends on an attraction having active FP functionality, so you can’t use it on those with no FP or during times when FP isn’t active like extra magic hours or special events like the Halloween party


My son is 6 and on the more severe side of the spectrum and I agree with the great tips Paul recommended.

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Remember too that anyone in your party can go to the ride to get a DAS return time. Your son just has to be with you at the time when you ride the ride, not when you get the return time. That might allow someone to take a quiet break with him, while someone else runs to the ride.