How to convince the family that rope drop for Pandora is worth waking up early for

My family really really doesn’t want to wake up early for the 8am rope drop. How do I convince them that it is worth it?

Don’t bother, leave the weak behind.

And take one of their Magic Bands, so you can FP both attractions.


Show them the video of the opening day crowds. I know they aren’t going to be that bad (but still bad), but they don’t know that.

Agreed with this. Another way to rationalize it: it’s their vacation too, so if they want to sleep in, they should be allowed, and if you want to be up early and hitting Pandora at rope drop, you should be allowed.

Not EVERYTHING on a Disney vacation needs to be done with the whole group.


Lol, too funny :joy:

Technically, I’d argue that you should be at all parks at RD if you want to really get the best bang for your buck. However, if you us TPs, even if you arrive late you should do pretty well.

That being said, with Pandora being so new, arriving at RD will be your best best, using a TP or not. Tell them that arriving at RD gives you a less than 30 minute wait for the attractions in Pandora. If you arrive after breakfast you’ll be waiting 2-3 hours! Do they really want to stand in line for 2-3 hours!?

If it means that much to you to get there with little wait, then you could go ahead of them and meet them later. But then hopefully they’d be willing to skip Pandora or you’ll just be waiting in line with them later in the day.

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Screw em - let them sleep in - you get there and when they have to wait in line while you are off to something else - they will understand.

Yeah that’s what it seems like is going to happen… but first I gotta find a way to get to the park.

Haha. Show them this post, to each his own:

Are you off property? Just take Uber or something.

Oh! I didn’t even know Orlando had Uber! I’ll defiantly think about that. I’m staying near-ish Disney Springs.

I would leave them to sleep in and find my own way there.

Or take the car yourself - snooze = loose

Maybe try listening to this WDW Radio podcast with your family:

It is a super long (2 hour) podcast, but if you find the spots where they are talking about how excited they were after FoP and how much they enjoyed Navi River, it might get them more excited.

While I am a RD devotee, I’m not a fan of the walk-racing to popular rides at that time and usually try to zig when everyone else is zagging. Our upcoming trip is going to be our first AK visit; we bypassed it previous trips thinking we wanted to double up on other parks and do them right.

So, I was talking myself out of getting excited for the Pandora rides thinking we have so much to see, it’s all going to be new. But, after that podcast, now it is too late and I’m really excited for FoP.

I couldn’t get FPP for it at my 60 day mark, but luckily patience and browser refresh paid off 2 days ago and a set of 4 FPP for FoP appeared magically for my family. So, Woohoo! Hope your plans work out for the best!

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