How to check shipping status of magicbands

Does anyone know where I can go to check on the status of our magicbands. It said they were saved and personalized, but it didn’t say when they would ship.Thanks!

When you log onto MDE under magic bands it gives you how many days you have left to customize. It used to be that you had until day 30 and then you would get a notification that they shipped at day 27 or 28. These days, it has been closer to day 20. The last few times they have shipped to me the only notification I received was in MDE. I have issues with getting emails from Disney, so maybe others are still getting those emails.

I received an email notification when mine shipped, but it seemed like it took forever!

Thanks everyone. Was hoping there was a way to look it up and not rely on disney, but maybe not. Appreciate the help!