How to check FPP avail on MDE?

Just finished reserving my FPPs on my 60 day window. SDD completely gone for a party of 4 60+4 (ridiculous). Here’s my simple q, that I seem to be having trouble with: How do I check for FPP availability on MDE now that I’ve booked everything? There must be away to do it without me giving up my three current FPP for that day, right? Please help. Thanks!

(Got everything else we wanted. FOP was afternoon only 60+5.)

You can go in as if making new FP+ times and look at Studios. It will give you the warning, but unless you actually book a FP+ in the new park, your old ones will be there.

(Did you try looking for say 2 and 2 in an overlapping time frame? I have seen people with larger groups do that.)

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Thanks. I can’t seem to get pass the warning. Keeps telling me to remove members from party. But I can’t remove everyone.

Yes, I like that plan. Would like to try it, but afraid I’m going to have to give something up to do. Which maybe I should just do, at least for today.

I have no clue. I’m sorry. I travel solo so it is never an issue for me.

Weird it will not let you select everyone for changing.

Thanks. I think modify is the answer, but I can’t change my party size that way.

Oh well, nothing for party of 2 either. 60+4 for mid/late August, and you can’t get SDD. What’s even the point? :pensive:

You should be able to change your party size via modify, it asks who you want to modify for.

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There are plenty of other rides and attractions at Disney. Disney in general is kinda the point. Otherwise that is an expensive trip for one ride.

Ah got it. Thanks! Must have missed that in my FPP frenzy this morning. (We’ve all been there right?)

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You can “modify” and existing pass but don’t actually go through with it

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Fair enough. But it’s a shame when you can only go to Disney every few years. You book a week long trip. You get up before 7am to book fpp. You’ve planned a 5 day cushion on your DHS fpp day. And you still can’t even get to experience the “new” rides that you havent experienced yet. At least not without waiting in an hour long wait (if lucky). And these are the rides that are a big part of why you are returning at all after a few years.

Don’t get me wrong. We are psyched! The trip is going to be great (in no small part to TP). And we’ll figure out a way around this little speed bump.

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