How to check for FP availability in another park without losing the current FP selections

update 6/24/17 This process also works on the AP.

With the roll out of the new MDE, there has been a lot of questions about how to check for availability in another park without losing current FP selections. From all the discussion, I thought it was not possible without canceling the first set of FPs. However, with some recent trial and error, I discovered it can be done from the browser version of MDE. Sorry I don’t know about the APP. Here is a PDF of how I did it. Hope someone finds it helpful.:slight_smile:

It was too large to upload so here is a link to my google drive for viewing.


Thanks! That was very clear - it will be helpful for last minute changes

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This is a fantastic post, thanks for sharing!!! We wil use your tips in two weeks!!

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Thank you!! Off to play around now.

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Thanks! I’ve book marked it for my trip!

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Is it still true though that all of your advance FP’s have to be in the same park?

As of this writing, yes.

Thanks. Will read later. :eyeglasses:

This is really helpful…thank you!

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Thanks so much for the detailed instructions. It helped us out :slight_smile:

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Apparently this method worked even two days ago, but when I get to the “Further Attention Required,” the only choice I have is “Remove from Party.” There is no “Continue with this Guest.” I’ve used two different browsers with the same results.
Is anyone still able to do this?

I have not tried this since my May trip. Not sure if anything has changed…sorry!

I appreciate your reply. Thank you.

Ive just tried it now and it all worked as expeceted - great! daft that this is so haed to work out tho.

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Thanks so much @AuntB_luvsDisney. Talk about above and beyond. Definitely doesn’t work with App. I’m going to attempt this asap and report back.

It previously worked with APP but they did a recent update so it might be different now. This post is a bit old :grin:

If anyone is still able to this (online browser), please report. After choosing the date and the park, I get “Daily FastPass+ Limit Reached
Guests can only plan 3 FastPass+ experiences in advance per day. To continue, remove them from your party. Their existing plans won’t change. (Note: I have no others in my party.) Or, go back and cancel an experience they planned for this date.”
Remove from Party (Option for each of three guests booked for the park that day.)
Start Over Back (available choices) Next (not an available choice).

OK. Apparently, I can see available rides/times by simply choosing “Modify” on one on the passes for the park on that day.

Yes this still works. If you are wanting to see availability in the park you already have FPs scheduled for you don’t need this example. This is for seeing FP availability in a DIFFERENT park. To see FP in the park you are already scheduled for you would just select modify. So if you have FP schedule for MK for tomorrow but would like to see what FP are open in EP for tomorrow you would use these instructions. If you want to see what other FP might be available in MK, you just modify your current selections.

Ah, different park. Thanks.

So helpful. Thanks!