How to change FPP groups in personalized plan?

I’ve made a first draft of personalized touring plans for each park day. It suggests Group 1/Group 2 FPPs if your party needs to split up. I wanted to play with doing some split FPP in our group, but I can’t figure out how to change that. Can I adjust that in an existing plan, or do I have to start a new one?

I’d recommend using the “make a copy of this plan” feature (so you don’t mess up the original), and then play around with the copy to your heart’s content. You can always choose which one to use or delete later.

I do not think that is what the Group 1/Group 2 functionality is. I believe that is referencing the Tiers. If you have different groups getting FPP, then you should just enter those as “extra” Fastpasses. The plans aren’t really designed for you to split up though, so you might have to make 2.

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Ok. I was confused because it was suggesting two Tier 1 rides in Group 2 for one of the parks. I thought maybe I was missing something. I’ll just have to put short breaks with notes for when we plan to split up. Thanks!

It will suggest additional fastpasses to try and get on the day. I have seen it suggest a further one for ROL or Illuminations, because those are usually available to get until fairly late in the afternoon. You can force it to use your own FPs if you already have them.

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