How to call chefs at HDDR ahead to tell about allergies?

I keep reading on various sites that it’s possible to call the chef at Hoop Dee Doo Revue ahead of time to tell them about your food allergies, but I can’t figure out how I can call them myself or where people get the number. We are going at the end of September and I just want to make sure ahead of time. It is listed on all of our ADRs. We are also going to O’hana. Would anyone advise trying to call ahead there as well? Or, is the listing on the reservations enough?
Thanks so much!

Usually I try to remember and list it when I make the reservation, but occasionally I forget. On those occasions I just mention it when checking in and/or with the waiter and it’s never been an issue. I don’t know the setup for HDDR though to say for certain, but that’s worked every place we’ve ever eaten at WDW…

I would call the Disney dining line and tell them you need to note an allergy on the reservation.


Great! Thanks so much. Our reservations have it noted. I just see a lot of posts (on other sites) that say they “spoke with the chef”. It’s only gluten which I know is “easy” for them to handle. I think I am perhaps creating stress where there doesn’t need to be any. Thank you!

Due to the allergy, it’s fairly common for a chef to come by the table and talk you through. I know on all the buffets a chef would come by and walk my son (nut allergy) through any dishes with a potential issue. At times they’d bring out special foods that were prepared to be definitely allergen free. At Crystal Palace breakfast they brought out a special pastry plate for him to avoid cross contamination potential on the regular buffet line for example.

I’m trying to remember for sure if at non-buffet restaurants a chef would always come out or not. I think it happened often though at least. DIS does a great job of working with allergies so you can eat safely and not have to worry too much about an allergy ruining your trip. It’s a really comforting aspect of the vacation. Having noted the allergy you should be in great ship for Disney to take care of your allergy needs though…

I’m gluten free as well, and from what I have read several times over, if you put it on your ADR, tell them when you check in, they will have a chef come talk to you about your options. I have heard overall it’s a very good place for GF food because so much is made fresh and there are real chefs in the kitchens not just people trained to cook the same meal 100 times a night.

You can rest fairly easy at Disney, but of course still need to be as diligent as anywhere else.

As others said, make sure the allerg(ies) are noted on any reservation you make, but there’s nothing like boots on the ground at the location. You can’t be sure who saw what on the reservation, so mention it when checking into ADR and you’ll get to speak with chef.

Our kids have severe nut allergies, and we have done very well at WDW. Plus the chefs go out of their way to make special items for kids when say, the standard dessert is not safe.

We hope to take our kids to the Hoop De Doo next time we go… Have a great time!