How to best manage Marathon run and split stay change on same day?

We are new DVC members and are excited about making our first trip staying at DVC resorts for the first two weeks of January. One of my daughters and I are also excited about running the Disney Marathon for the first time on Jan 8th. It happens that our changeover day between our two resorts (Grand Flo to Boardwalk) occurs on that same day. My wife and the rest of our 7 children will not be running, and we may or may not make that day one of our park ticket use days.

Any suggestions for how to best manage the logistics of the day? How can my daughter and I get to a shower most quickly after finishing the Marathon?


Store your things with concierge at resort 1 (Grand Flo?), having packed one bag separately for each of you with minor toiletries and change of clothes. Utilize the shower/changing room near the pool after the marathon. After this, return to concierge and arrange bags to be transferred to resort 2 (Boardwalk?). Meet up with your wife and 6 kids. Buy her a big drink because that’s a lot of kids to be alone with all that time!


I’ve missed your humor!! Thanks for the chuckle before bed!!

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