How to answer why characters don't talk

Our trip is almost here. We have a very character intensive trip planned. Last time our DD was 2 and it wasn’t an issue but this time she is almost 4. I anticipate her asking why some of the characters don’t talk. And then there is the confusion of why Mickey only talks in the Magic Kingdom but not anywhere else. How have any of you addressed this?

I’ve heard several different reasons… The character is playing the quiet game, they lost their voice singing in a show, they can’t speak in every language so they don’t want other kids to feel bad. You can get pretty creative with it.


Thank you! I can see one character losing their voice but not all the non princess ones. Hmm I will have to give this some thought.


And of course Mickey at Town Square Theater in MK does talk.

I was never asked by mine … :slight_smile:

Good luck



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If they talked to all of the children every day they would not have a voice for the movies. They have to save it.

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You never know… she might not even ask.

Thanks! I was already asked once and we haven’t even got there yet. She was looking at videos from our last trip. I distracted her that time But I am just trying to be prepared next time :slight_smile:

I went with the fact that they are under a gag rule imposed by a large multi-national conglomerate.


:slightly_smiling_face: Or I can say we didn’t pay the $100+ per ticket up charge for the talking character experience. The base experience doesn’t come with talking.


Mickey’s not a snitch!


How about that the giant foam head that the CM inside is wearing doesn’t have a mouth that moves…? Sorry, but I met my first characters when I was 5 (the 7 Dwarfs at the NY World’s Fair) and even then it never occurred to me that they were anything other than people wearing costumes. They were still fun to meet, but how can a drawn cartoon character be “real”?

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^^ Very valid - but to that why would princesses be hanging out in FL as compared to their “far off land”. But to your point - you certainly have to take the question with the level of the child (or adult) you are dealing with.

I would say that the animal characters do speak but they can’t be heard by humans, only their CM friends, who have a special translator in their ears. Mickey speaks on TV because he is able to use a translator when they make the show.

As for the princesses, they love to visit each other and the guests, so they take a special express train to WDW (or fairy magic, but never witch’s magic) from their home castles just to see everyone. Of course, they have busy lives at home, so they aren’t always around, which is why everyone stands in line, to be sure they’ll get a chance to visit when they are around.

The villians sometimes show up, but WDW requires that they have to wear a special evil restrainer under their clothes so they can’t do evil things to the guests. That’s why Kylo Ren or Captain Hook doesn’t take over the park and stands nicely for his pictures. After all, they only come so they can meet their fans and be adored. Otherwise they’d be off plotting evil deeds.


Those are great Ariadne. Thanks for your help. I will definitely be using those!

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Same. We love character meets and they are a big part of our trip but for us it doesn’t ruin the magic for kids to know they’re pretend.

still going with Snitches get stitches