How to amend start time of touring plan - help please

Apologies for not being able to work this out but if I want to spend every morning at the park with EMH, how do I push back the time of my touring plan at the 2nd park I plan to jump to later on in the morning?
It seems that the touring plan tool always inserts the opening time of the selected park and I can’t amend it.

You edit your plan, and change the “plan time”. That is the name for the time range you want to use for that park.

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Thank you for your swift response which is much appreciated. Unfortunately changing the plan time did not change the start time of the actual tour steps. My first ride is still scheduled according to the opening time of the 2nd park I want to visit :sob:

It may be that you have too many attractions scheduled for true 2nd park. If you do the attractions move outside of your park times.

Make sure you’re not scheduling to get it the park at 2am when you mean 2pm (I’ve done this)

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Did you re-optimize???

I agree, if you make a change I think you need to evaluate or optimize to see new times take effect!

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Thanks for your help everyone, I’ll have another go and at least one of your tips ought to provide the answer.

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Report back! Then if it doesn’t work you can send it to TP IT for help

I had a similar issue, turned out none of the attractions I originally had planned that morning were open during EMH.