How to add ROTR time to custom touring plan?

I’m new to app…Assuming we succeed in getting a ROTR boarding time, I don’t understand how to set that time in my custom plan?

I see how to optimize, and reorder steps, but not how to set the time of an attraction.

I’m using an iPhone.

Personally I wouldn’t bother. But if you really want to, you could add a break about 30-60 minutes (less for the morning, more for later in the day) at the time of your BG. But in reality I would just proceed with your plan till your BG is called, then ride RotR, then reoptimize at that point.


Also, you don’t really get a boarding time, instead you get a boarding group number. There are approximations for what time that group will get called, depending on things like if the ride goes down for a while. I agree with @Jeff_AZ to just add a break with notes. Your BG is good for a whole hour once it is called, and many people report they’ve been able to do it later than their official window.


I’m also a “put a break in” person. I do a 60 minute break in the early / mid-morning (9:30am) and another mid-afternoon, like 2pm.

This way if my BG hasn’t been called I can proceed to the next step. When it does get called, I should have enough time / buffer to not be too off plan. Finally, if it doesn’t get called until late, I should have enough time to do something extra / “unplanned” until it happens.

It’s not ideal, but it’s all anyone can really do these days